A Nevada corporation.

BioCube completes initial stage development of safe and sound decontamination system environmentally Spring Creek Capital Company , a Nevada corporation, today that among its portfolio firms announced, BioCube, Inc cialis tadalafil 20 mg http://tadalis-reviews.com ., has finished the original phase of the advancement of an secure decontamination system environmentally, having an aerosol-based delivery approach to aqueous solution. The main element result of this stage is option of the prototype device that may undergo significant screening by BioCube and independent laboratories. BioCube anticipates having a number of these prototype units designed for tests and demonstrations next 45-90 days. BioCube, Inc. A Nevada company, is collaborating using its Russian research companions to complete the advancement of the operational program, followed by commercial advancement and distribution of the machine.


announced today the business provides entered into discussions with many institutions concerning the establishment of adult stem cell repositories at the business’s 15,000 sq. Ft. Service. Chairman & CEO David Koos commented about these latest developments, stating, The business has been approached by many entities wanting to develop adult stem cell repositories that dovetail to their overall business versions. We see possibilities in working with businesses in areas including cancers stem cells, adult stem cell storage for upcoming therapeutic use and tumor banking for establishing cell lines for cancers research.