A woman who underpaid her premium by a penny was recently told her benefits would be terminated.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, a woman who underpaid her premium by a penny was recently told her benefits would be terminated, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports. The woman is fighting leukemia.15 per month and sent a check for that amount to Discovery benefits. ‘But it turned out their actual bill was $ 165, ‘and last week, say she received a letter from the company, she was just on her reporting reporting could not continue. She called discovery benefits and was shocked when she heard the amount. ‘Finally, the insurer learned the woman was right in its calculations, and wrote the Penny from, extending coverage to her (Cotter.

Diagnosis concussions can be difficult, because the symptoms of concussions are not always easily visible or detectable, even though they last for weeks or months after the incident. Methods exist to detect focus of concussions, but most purely on cognitive impairment and not to judge accompanying motor deterioration.. More than 1 million concussions and other mild traumatic brain injury each year in the United States and catching them right after they can to improve treatment and prevent happen further injury or other long-term health problems.The report shall satisfies the maintenance and Support Alliance as criteria for success in several respects.

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