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Mozambican Health Minister Paulo Garrido said the government keeps HIV / AIDS an extraordinary situation and has drawn up a plan to combat the disease click here . He pointed out that the government is working on HIV / AIDS testing routine routine medical examinations. According Garrido, were 90,000 people with HIV / AIDS, a antiretroviral treatment in 2007 compared with 5,000 in 2004. However added Garrido that Mozambique poor health care infrastructure and medical skills shortages to undermine efforts to increase treatment access. Government data show that the new cases of HIV in Mozambique is expected to increase annually by 135,000, J.hen measures are taken to address the virus. The data also show that there are about 1.5 million people with HIV / AIDS in Mozambique in 2004 and that 60 percent to 40 percent of the cases has occurred in men and women, (Wroughton, Reuters.

Bush in his speech on Thursday said that one of the ‘top priority ‘of his presidency have been ‘basically old[r] our policy towards Africa, ‘and added that ‘paternalism has thing of the past thing of the past. Joint venture with good, capable people is what all about all about ‘. He also the people in Africa to assure the people of Africa, the United States, ‘it is obligated to tomorrow and long into their continent’s future,’says the Los Angeles Times (Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times.

There is good news for coffee drinkers. A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that periodic coffee drinking be does not with increased death to men or female. In fact, both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee consumption is of slightly smaller mortality rate of heart disease. The study investigated information from more than 84,000 women 1,980 to 2004 nearly 42,000 men 1986 to 2,004 to strengthen relations between coffee and risk for the deaths out of heart disease, cancer or any other cause to investigate. The study found study author that or three cups to three cups of caffeinated coffee day consuming by 25 per cent lower risk for death from heart disease and one 18 % lower risk of death by other than cancer and heart disease had than with non-consumers during follow up. The said report ‘ll hear from one author of the study, Rob Van Dam, from of Harvard Medical School.