Alterations in brains light matter key to schizophrenia Schizophrenia.

Alterations in brain’s light matter key to schizophrenia Schizophrenia, a chronic and debilitating disorder marked partly by auditory hallucinations and paranoia, can strike in late adolescence or early adulthood at a time when people are ready to stand by themselves two feet while fully independent adults. Today scientists at UCLA believe they are beginning to understand one important piece of this puzzle . In the initial study of its kind, the experts used a novel form of brain imaging to learn that white matter in the brains of adolescents vulnerable to developing schizophrenia will not develop at the same price as healthy people.

Alpharma to pay $42.5M for settling alleged Kadian kickback scheme Alpharma Inc. Has decided to pay out $42.5 million to the government and certain states to stay a whistleblower lawsuit that uncovered an alleged kickback scheme by the pharmaceutical company to boost its sales of Kadian, a prescription painkiller. Tuesday by the U The settlement was announced.S. Department of Justice, which acquired joined up with the ‘qui tam’ case. The federal government investigation was led by Associate U.S. Attorneys Jamie Bennett and Thomas Corcoran in Baltimore and Senior Trial Counsel Daniel Spiro in the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters.S.