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The increased risk of recurrence appeared to be greater among the participants after menopause and were overweight or obese, and was independent of the type of alcohol vardenafil hcl read more . Alcohol consumption was total mortality overall mortality. ‘Have raised Given of the few studies alcohol and its impact on breast cancer prognosis, and that the increased risk of recurrence was observed in only some subgroups, if our in other in other prospective studies, however, help these results can make women. An informed decision about lifestyle choices after a diagnosis of breast cancer, ‘said Kwan.

Low muscle mass, High Body Fat Linked to Poor Lung Function in Elderly Low muscle mass and fat throughout the body or in the boot can with poor lung function in older people are associated. South Korean researchers tested lung function, body composition and abdominal fat in 439 men and 561 women older than 65 years. Results showed that the lung function and muscle mass decreases with aging, but there was no significant change in fat mass with age. After adjustment for age, sex, smoking status and physical activity, participants with low muscle mass in their whole body or in the trunk had poorer lung function than those with higher muscle mass in the same areas. Likewise, subjects showed higher fat in their entire body or trunk of an increased risk of poor lung function. The researchers speculate that the increase in muscle mass and fat loss would be helpful to increase or maintain lung function in the elderly population.

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