Announces release of cloud-based EHR solution CareCloud CareCloud.

Designed in concert with dozens of group and physicians practices, this release features powerful new capabilities – rapid charting, intelligent task management, real-time patient flows – to help doctors dramatically speed up clinical encounters while maintaining control over the administration of their offices. This critical milestone, which comes at the heels of CareCloud'in June 2013 s Series B funding announcement, reinforces the Company's long-term mission to leverage the energy of cloud computing to improve the product quality and lower the price of healthcare delivery. It's clear there is a growing number of providers and groups that signed up for their first EHR in haste and so are now entering the market again, wiser in what they want in a clinical system.Undertaking this activity in a disciplined way, helps one improve better spiritual and physical wellness. However, to attain such results it’s important to understand the creative artwork from a professional, and practice it significantly.. Bird flu doing the rounds in Cambodia once again Relating to officials in Cambodia another outbreak of bird flu offers occurred there this season in southeast Prey Veng, the same province where in fact the H5N1 virus killed a boy in April, on the subject of 20 km from the Cambodia-Vietnam border.