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The initial results of studies with mice show that the nanoparticles taking medication to treat cancers effectively with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy drugs, as the researchers had hoped read more . It’s great to see how everything fits together– – my work with the model membrane, my colleague to work with cell cultures and other people ‘s work with the animals, Mecke said.

Seewaldt describes methylation as like putting gum on a light switch. The light is not interrupted, but it can not be switched on.If RAR beta is not turned on, it can not be two other important tumor suppressor signal – CBP and p300 – which grows also in the regulation of critical as a cell. – a key to reversing the methylation of RAR beta lie in vitamin A and substances similar to vitamin A, said Seewaldt. Her recent studies have shown that vitamin A may actually demethylate RAR beta. Like vitamin A initiates an important feedback loop which suppresses tumor growth in this way:.

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