Bioheart awarded patent for center repair method Bioheart.

Bioheart awarded patent for center repair method Bioheart, Inc. Provides announced that it’s been awarded U .S. Patent #: 7341062 for a strategy to repair broken myocardium by a combined mix of cell transplantation and electrostimulation. The award of the patent brings to a lot more than 100 the amount of related patents and patents pending to that your company holds privileges. The patent covers options for repairing damaged center tissue by giving electrostimulation to patient-derived myogenic cells either in the laboratory as the cells are growing or following the cells are implanted in to the damaged regions of the patient’s center. One potential application because of this technology that Bioheart is certainly exploring is to adjust a bi-ventricular pacemaker with another business lead that could apply the electrostimulation to the cell-transplanted areas.

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