Blue Cross Blue Shield in Tenn ed treatment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield in Tenn. To spend $1.5M to stay HIPAA breach Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Tennessee can pay $1 ed treatment .5 million to the government to stay a HIPAA breach. Insurer and hospital business procedures make information in Georgia and Maine also. Modern Health care: Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Tenn. To Pay out $1.5 Million In HIPAA Settlement In the first enforcement actions stemming from the HITECH Act breach notification rule, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee provides agreed to spend federal regulators $1.5 million and enter a corrective action program after 57 hard disks had been stolen from the insurer.

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Bochum’s medics make use of autologous cord bloodstream to take care of infantile cerebral palsy Awoken from a persistent vegetative condition Bochum's medics have got succeeded in treating cerebral palsy with autologous cord bloodstream. Carrying out a cardiac arrest with serious brain damage, a 2.5 year old boy have been in a persistent vegetative state – with reduced likelihood of survival. Just 8 weeks after treatment with the cord bloodstream made up of stem cells, the symptoms significantly improved; over the next months, the youngster discovered to speak simple sentences also to move. Our results, along with those from a Korean research, dispel the long-kept doubts about the potency of the brand new therapy , says Dr.