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– be developed at Yale help predict and diagnose preeclampsia – Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have a simple urine test to predict quickly and diagnose preeclampsia, a common, but serious hypertensive complication of pregnancy http://viagra-danmark.net click here .

Buhimschi despite its despite its effectiveness in preventing eclamptic seizures, magnesium sulfate in developing countries will be underutilized. This is identified in part to the lack of consistent and cost-effective ways of preeclampsia patients who intervention, intervention, the test could. She said that the test could also be women who deliver their babies immediately, in turn, required to reduce the incidence of unnecessary early birth, because delivery is the only effective treatment for preeclampsia.

The trial analyzed treat carried injection of the drug ranibizamb – marketed by Genentech Lucentis is – through the comparison with laser treatment , which did the standards of the cultivation to the last 25 years.