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CCL2 – LPM the most advanced Osprey Pharmaceutical U.S . Drug candidates therapeutic on its proprietary platform Leukocyte Population Modulators is based LPMs targeted chemokine – activated leukocytes that maintain drive and / or a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Significantly.R2 chemokine receptor-ligand axis plays an important role in inflammatory kidney diseases such as IgA nephropathy and diabetic nephropathy, as well as a host of other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. CCL2-LPM is designed to attack and eliminate CCR2-expressing leukocytes. In a model of glomerulonephritis, CCL2-LPM significantly. The influx of leukocytes into the kidney and in consequence less kidney mesangial cell proliferation and fibrosis In preclinical studies, CCL2 – LPM no adverse effects at doses up to 1.5 mg / kg every other day for 15 doses.

Source: Osprey Pharmaceuticals U.thoserado health insurers Pill Cutting As Split Cost Containment MechanismSome health insurers have begun suggesting that patients consider splitting pills in an effort to reduce health care costs, whereas others are connected over liabilities and safety with such measures concerned the Denver Post reports. Patients whose doctors prescribe a higher dose pill often save money. For example, a 30-day supply of a 40 – milligram pill costs about the same as a 30 – day supply of 20 – milligram pills. Physicians should such rules only for pills that can be split safely, write to the Post reports.

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Nisola. Good Medicine campaign goals the test protocols to be approved for generic AED and remove the accidental switching of generics to improve by the Epilepsy Foundation, American Epilepsy Society and the American Academy of Neurology is divided. The Epilepsy Foundation which just recently start its own campaign to raise awareness for this themes is over 1000 more than 1,000 tales of the unnecessary suffering of persons with epilepsy because of the current testing and regulatory policy. People in the U.S. Epilepsy. Says: If we do not improve this situation is immediately there was unfortunately to tell thousands more stories of. – Honored Newsletter at the annual congress of AAN is renowned with a AAN Foundation Chairman Award was Liebler and Nisola position themselves advocacy efforts Good Medicine in the area of Neuroscience. His 20-year experience of neurological communion have provided for he with outstanding insight into the major needs pros and consumers whose are involved with a the health and safety patients with epilepsy.

A recent report by publishes out of Wolters Kluwer Health, predicted that by the end of the year, almost two-thirds all the prescriptions be filled with generic. This marching on generic be a number of factors the including the latest industry more and more increasing co-payments for branded drugs and chemists wish to make their returns by raise high-margin generics prescriptions compared with bottom of brand names drugs.