College Years Zero Fun For Some.

Anne Marie Albano, a co-employee professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University, said college is usually a ‘tender age’ developmentally, an interval when young adults start taking responsibility because of their lives. They’re selecting careers, moving toward economic independence, establishing long-term human relationships, marrying perhaps, having children. The most troubling thing appearing out of the AP-mtvU poll and other studies of adults dealing with major depression, she said, is definitely that ‘they don’t really get help’ at a time when they’re simply venturing off on their own. ‘They need to figure out how to become their own monitors about their mental health and yet they have no training to do that,’ she said.‘What really issues us is the amount of aspirin underutilization among patients who’ve already had a coronary attack or a stroke because this is actually the group for which there is conclusive clinical evidence that aspirin decreases the risk for cardiovascular disease,’ said Jun Ma, MD, PhD, study associate at the Stanford Prevention Research Middle and senior author of the study that shows up in the November issue of the general public Library of Science-Medicine. Of those with the best risk for cardiovascular disease, the analysis showed that only 33 % of their outpatient appointments were associated with aspirin therapy in 2003.