Dr Mukesh Haikerwal article.

Australian Medical Association warns of looming medical training crisis Australian Medical Association President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, has written to all or any Federal government MPs and Senators warning them of a looming crisis in medical training unless the Commonwealth and the Says work together to supply the assets and infrastructure essential to train another generation of Australian doctors article . In his letter, Dr Haikerwal acknowledges the Federal government Government’s initiatives in creating even more medical school areas, but he highlights that there is certainly little or no technique in place to instruct and teach the significant boosts in medical college students and recently graduated doctors.

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Inappropriate treatment because of fake drugs or medication resistant malaria. Incorrect medical diagnosis by clinical/laboratory personnel/healthcare workers. Despite the fact that vast sums of dollars are getting allocated to malaria research, a little group of Biomedical Researchers from Royal Perth Medical center in Western Australia sensed that they may help in the battle against malaria by tackling the 3rd of these recognized causes, on a shoestring spending budget. They created an on-line malaria information source using Internet technology, to bring the knowledge and understanding of the authors to healthcare specialists worldwide. To date this web site offers been accessed by a lot more than 600,000 site visitors.