Duke University.

– Fullana Miguel A. Et al, obsessions and compulsions in the community: prevalence, interference, help – seeking, Developmental stability and co – occurring psychiatric disorders. AJP in Advance, February 2009 ?. The study was carried out in the American Journal of Psychiatry published and was conducted with the participation of researchers from King’s College London. Duke University, University of New South Wales, Australia, and the University of Otago, New Zealand. Was Dr. Nails Fullana, Researchers at the Department of Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine at the Universitat Aut? Noma de Barcelona, at the Institute for Psychiatric Treatment of the Hospital de Mar in Barcelona and coordinated at the Institute of Psychiatry at King ‘s College London.

Have to be done, the emphasis on preventive measures for these children because we have seen that the risk is much lower in the rest of population, ‘said Dr. Fullana.. In analyzing this data, researchers have for the first time objective evidence that there is a correlation between obsessions and compulsions in childhood and the likelihood of suffering a compulsive disorder a compulsive disorder as an adult among the participants. Specifically, boys and girls in the study, the symptoms of obsessive or compulsive behavior at 11 showed were were six times as likely than others to benefit from a compulsive disorder in adulthood suffer – ‘It is not yet necessary to be alerted with the cases of children who manifest these symptoms – investigated a total of 8 percent of the population. Dr. Common in children ages 8 to 10, while the proportion of adults with this disorder does not reach 2 percent What should.Academics of the University of Nottingham have finally discovered such as on breaking to mortal meningococcal bacteria able by the body’s natural defense mechanism and access the brain. To better treat to better treatments and vaccines for meningitis. .

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