For cyclone survivors most common question.

For cyclone survivors, this is a time of critical vulnerability. They desperately need more help most common question .MSF teams Minbya Minbya and affected the surrounding communities, the areas most affected by the cyclone. MSF estimates that many villages have been destroyed more than 50 %, some were completely flattened. Many families are seeking refuge in monasteries or with scraps to piece together makeshift shelters. Most people report that they have eat little or nothing at all. Few prospects for obtaining the short term MSF of Kyauk Nga Nwar all 150 homes were destroyed. An MSF team treated a 90 – year-old man, the too weak to escape the cyclone was and remained in his house with his two sons. During the storm a tree destroyed their house, injuring all three of them.

Among the many health risks exacerbated by the cyclone, the area is now entering a peak season for malaria transmission. Increasing lack of shelter, food and proper medical care further threat posed by this disease.

Shigeru Omi, WHO head of of Western Pacific Region, said:. ‘This outbreak has historically unprecedented He causative agent is not respected across international border. In Malaysia last weekend three new case.