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Have read experimental devices, the signals from the brain helped paralyzed people use computers and can we amputees control bionic limbs source – – University of Utah therapeutic practice here . But existing devices tiny electrodes that poke into the brain. Now the University of Utah study shows that brain signals controlling arm movements can be detected accurately using new microelectrodes that sit on the brain but do not penetrate. – ‘What is unique about this technology is that it creates a lot of information from the brain, without the electrodes the brain the brain,’says Bradley Greger, an assistant professor of bioengineering and co-author of the study. ‘The neurosurgeon can place this device placed under the skull but over brain areas where it would be risky penetrating electrodes. Areas speech speech memory and other cognitive functions ‘.

The patients were the tray and the tray and arm movements to a computer signals received from signals received from the micro-electrodes placed on the surface of each patient’s brain controlling arm and hand movements.


Other research Dr. Soranzo honor the Official the Department Twin Research, Kings College London and being and joint lead writer on a second study in hematological parameters, same time the released: Ganesh SK, Zakai NA, van Rooij FJA, Soranzo north et al. Multiple loci affect red cells phenotypes of the CHARGE Consortium. Nature genetics, published online before as the doi: 10,466.