HIV is transmitted through body fluids.

HIV is transmitted through body fluids, primarily infected blood or semen. Once in the bloodstream, the virus infects the key components of the the immune system including cells such as macrophages known. It works its way into the nucleus of macrophages, where it integrates into the cell’s DNA spread replicate replicate it , and so that the whole body.

Targeting proteins in the host rather than the virus itself, has additional advantages, says first author Dr. Torsten Schaller.’Nearly all HIV treatments directed the virus itself, ‘he explains,’We know that HIV can develop and change slightly, which means that the virus is immune to the effects of the drugs, making them. Ineffective. Drugs drugs, develop the proteins in the infected person to purposefully into the body to develop to fight the virus to get around it. ‘.Join the Annovation Board of Jean-Francois Formela be. Of Atlas Venture, Jason Campagna The Medicines Company and Carl Berkemann PIF.