However the FDA remains resistant to taking action.

Artificial food colors cause hyperactivity in children Evidence continues to emerge that artificial colors cause hyperactivity in children, however the FDA remains resistant to taking action. The company will hold open public hearings on the problem from March 30-31. Artificial colors made from coal tar or petroleum had been initial developed in the 1850s, and almost 200 were being found in consumer products by enough time the U how long does vardenafil last .S. Government began regulating these additives in the 1960s. After safety testing, only nine colours remained cleared for make use of. Yet as early as the 1970s, researchers were raising issues that the colors may cause hyperactivity.

Artificial pancreas system succeeds in maintaining near-normal sugar levels Mass. General, Boston University researchers run first medical trial of system using 2 hormonesAn artificial pancreas system that closely mimics the body’s blood sugar control mechanism could maintain near-normal sugar levels without leading to hypoglycemia in a small group of sufferers. The system, combining a blood sugar monitor and insulin pump technology with software program that directs administration of insulin and the blood-sugar-raising hormone glucagon, was developed at Boston University .