In a report published in a recent edition of the journal Neurology.

Certain blood pressure medications may reduce threat of dementia because of Alzheimer’s disease A Johns Hopkins-led analysis of data gathered on a lot more than 3 previously,000 elderly People in america strongly shows that taking certain blood circulation pressure medicines to control blood pressure might reduce the risk of dementia due to Alzheimer's disease mere . In a report published in a recent edition of the journal Neurology, a group of researchers found that people over the age of 75 with regular cognition who utilized diuretics, angiotensin-1 receptor blockers and angiotensin-transforming enzyme inhibitors demonstrated a reduced risk of Advertisement dementia by at least 50 %.

Ceregene continues enrollment in new Phase 1/2 clinical study of CERE-120 for Parkinson’s disease Ceregene, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, today that enrollment is usually proceeding in a new Phase 1/2 scientific study evaluating CERE-120 announced, a gene therapy item which delivers the neurotrophic element neurturin, to dying neurons in Parkinson’s disease sufferers. The first four sufferers have already been treated securely and two additional patients will become treated over the next 8 weeks. Mark Stacy and Dennis Turner at Duke University College of Medicine, Drs. Michele Ron and Tagliati Alterman at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, and Drs. Stewart Factor and Nicholas Boulis at Emory University Hospital. This revised dosing paradigm right now targets both the terminals of the degenerating neurons in a site in the brain called the putamen, and also the cell bodies of the neurons, situated in the substantia was called by another region nigra.