In the December 6 Randy Buckner and his co-workers reported their findings erectile dysfunction.

Cognitive ‘fog’ of normal aging linked to brain system disruption Comparisons of the brains of small and old people have revealed that normal aging could cause cognitive decline because of deterioration of the connections among large-scale mind systems. The researchers discovered that the disruption happened even in the lack of pathology associated with Alzheimer’s disease . In the December 6 Randy Buckner and his co-workers reported their findings, 2007, issue of the journal Neuron, published by Cell Press erectile dysfunction .

Cognitive deficits in adolescents persist for months following concussion By Helen Albert, Senior medwireNews Reporter Cognitive deficits in adolescents occurring due to sports-related concussions may last for so long as 2 months after injury, say researchers. They suggest that adolescents may require a protracted recuperation time to completely recover executive function following concussion, and that cognitive function and attention lab tests can offer valuable information for doctors carrying out follow-up assessments. ‘If a person goes back to the playing field with out a full recovery, see your face is put into great danger of being re-harmed,’ emphasized study author Li-Shan Chou in a press statement.