Is not the goal of all B cells from making antibodies.

Is not the goal of all B cells from making antibodies, since many of them are helpful to stop the immune system, but a few are harmful. – ‘We have carried out tests without antibodies and the damage did not occur,’said Fleming. ‘We want to to find out which B-cells make antibodies harmful and they stop. ‘Stop it comprises the provision of other therapeutic molecules to prevent the complement proteins from damaging tissue.

Sherry Fleming, Assistant Professor of Biology at Kansas State University that she knows why and is working on therapeutic options, looking to prevent such damage. Has received various has received various funding for their research, including most recently a five-year $ 1,000 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Natural Antibodies and Tissue Injury. .The plan is offered to persons under age 65 and small employer with up to 50 people. Companies will to ensure covering when 70 percent of employees take in the chart and the owner of pays of at least 50 percent of premiums, J person with expensive pre-existing health Service probable be denied recovery. Of the scheme shall a yearly out – by -pocket New limit of $ 2,500 and for life advantage by $ 5 million. About 1,500 doctors agree, part of Miami-Dade Blue network, while 20 healthcare and seven hospitals are involved in the plan (Dorschner, Miami Herald.

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