Marketing campaign to undermine e-prescribings protection.

Marketing campaign to undermine e-prescribing’s protection, savings benefits A Quiet Campaign to Raise Prescription Medication Costs, Undermine Security Some drug producers are aggressively pushing legislative proposals in claims across the country that if enacted would undermine electronic prescribing’s proven protection and savings benefits, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association said today. ‘This campaign undermines e-prescribing’s two main goals: improving patient security and reducing prescription drug costs.Sailer. These results might help the clinicians in adapting their treatment and in choosing whether a medical resection is necessary. CT enteroclysis is a great technique for diagnosis of most small bowel illnesses, which show morphologic adjustments to the bowel wall structure, said Dr. Sailer. We use it for detection of bowel wall pathologies such as for example tumors and inflammatory changes, in patients with inflammatory bowel disease specifically, as well as for the medical diagnosis of lymphoma and other intestinal tumors.