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Body’s own defenses could cause HIV-related dementia Researchers studying the development of the individual immunodeficiency virus in the mind have found that your body’s own defenses could cause HIV-related dementia. Publishing in the Sept. 2005 problem of the Journal of Virology, the researchers present that HIV in the temporal lobe mutates for a price 100 times quicker than in other areas of the body, triggering white blood cellular material to swarm to assault the infection continually. The associated swelling and overcrowding may actually cause the dementia. Earlier studies had recommended that the build-up of white bloodstream cells may lead to HIV-related dementia, but this is actually the initial study to track the probable system. Related StoriesNew initiative released to accelerate seek out effective HIV vaccineEstrogen-like medication may not be good for women with Alzheimer's dementiaGenvoya approved seeing that complete program for HIV treatmentThe findings may lead to new remedies that target HIV-infected white colored blood cells, perhaps 1 day countering the mind wasting which will affect as much as 15 % of the almost 40 million people all over the world who are infected with the virus.This statement can define the importance of hair for every individual certainly. Whether you possess luscious locks or a silky straight mane; your hair make you look beautiful, even when there is no need an individual layer of make-up on your own face. Thick and long hair with that perfect shine and smoothness is normally every woman’s dream. Nowadays, women have started tinkering with their tresses, to look prettier. You must have seen the trendy hair styles of types of different countries in fashion shows and magazines.