Researchers are interested in whether this phenomenon could be used in the fight against cancer.

However, before this may happen the genes with the desired properties must be regarded as in a broader context, because reduced fertility is caused by several factors usually. The cancer-blocking properties must also be separated out and isolated from the properties that decrease fertility. The researchers at Lund University are also thinking about the reverse situation – whether it’s possible to find ways of helping men with minimal fertility by learning the genes of guys with prostate tumor. Yasir Ruhayel defended his thesis, Male Subfertility and Prostate Cancer Risk: Epidemiological and Genetic Studies, on 27 January.. Clear link between male subfertility and lower threat of prostate cancer Involuntary childlessness due to reduced fertility is definitely a concern for many men.They didn’t send us right here to kick our complications later on. That’s precisely what they don’t really like about Washington. They sent us here to together work. They sent us right here to get points done . Burned by President Barack Obama’s decision to maintain her out of negotiations on last year’s taxes deal and this spring’s budget bill, sources near to the California Democrat say she actually is torn between playing deal-maker on a debt limit increase and fully protecting the priorities of Democrats’ liberal bottom.