Researchers develop Akina Inc.

The newest technology venture, called Frosta involves tablet formulations in a patient’s mouth to melt as fast as 10 seconds, – much faster than existing commercial products, tablet press machine. The rapid melting of the nature of the tablets resembles the melting of frost, hence the name chills? ‘This type of fast-melting tablet good for those patients who have trouble taking have to choke pills without, especially the elderly and children,’said Kinam Park, Akina Chief Executive Officer and a Purdue professor of pharmacy and medical. ‘Our technology also enables patients to take pills without water, ‘ and this is important for people on the move ‘.. Researchers develop Akina Inc.

– We are excited about the promise of using adult stem cells for heart disease, especially ischemic heart failure often so excited deadly treatment, said Dr. In the study, ALD-201 was generally well tolerated, and improvement was at the demonstrated demonstrated. .. -controlled study. Clinical Data for ALD-201 for Ischemic Heart Failure Presented at AHAAldagen that the results from a Phase 1 clinical trial of ALD-201, developed a cell therapy for treatment of ischemic heart failure presented at AHA. In the study ALD-201 was well tolerated and improve perfusion. At at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2009 by Emerson C. Director, Clinical Research for Cardiovascular Medicine and Medical Director, Stem Cell Center, Texas Heart Institute in an oral session.‘Since the majority a majority of infected children live in poor countries, most pharmaceutical company hardly be to invest in the developing world pediatric formulations ‘MSF is officer said in a statement. Masaquoi Masaquoi, a MSF ‘We see number of children having HIV growing was born in Africa, because expectant mothers born have no access to[ prenatal] care and child for HIV-positive mothers on to follow-up ‘medical in Malawi and added: ‘we recognize that from children by children, however with better tools, we are could the treat so much more ‘ to produce. ‘The lack of guiding on wHO does treating children more confusing, few some clear indication three years ago was have really help avoid this, ‘Fernando Pascual, a pharmacist having MSF’s Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, wrote ..

in Junior Developmental Cognition Lab, we study infants know world by measuring a child’s view when presented with different scenarios, Kristy vanMarle, an assistant professor stated in the Department of Psychological Studies into the Academy of Arts and sciences. We think children are born with expectations via the objects around them, despite that knowledge is a skill is never taught to. Whereas the child develops, refined such knowledge and ultimately results in which skills that we use, such as for. .