The absolute polyp detection rate for high definition colonoscopy was 36 médecine douce.

The absolute polyp detection rate for high definition colonoscopy was 36.4 % compared to 29.4 % for standard white light colonoscopy médecine douce . But when comparing the ability to detect, adenomas 53 % of polyps were found in the HD group adenomas compared with 46, course of time. Of polyps in the standard white light represents.

A multi-center trial of high definition chromocolonoscopy by Charles Kahi, MD of Indiana University and colleagues found no overall increase in adenoma detection, patientsed to high definition white light colonoscopy. Kahi also investigated whether. Chromocolonoscopy improved detection of non – polypoid growths in the colon, including flat or depressed lesions increasingly recognized increasingly recognized precursor for colorectal cancer Flat and depressed adenomas are inherently difficult to visualize with conventional colonoscopy as they accommodate more high-grade dysplasia or invasive carcinoma than polypoid lesions, irrespective of their size, says Dr.


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