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Medication Errors explored with Rutgers College Of Nursing Faculty MemberRutgers College of Nursing faculty member Linda Flynn is a study the effects of the effects of nurse staffing, work environment and safety technology on the frequency of non – intercepted medication errors in 17 New Jersey hospitals.

Will be funded through a two-year $ 308,254 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the study the focus on the focus on the best practices for reducing non – intercepted medication errors.Naturally occurring peptidesAntimicrobial peptides be evolutionary former infections fighters into organism from grass amphibious man been found. The human body comprising peptides show in the mouth, pulmonary and intestinal , and in body fluids such sweat and tears. Anti – microbial peptides for specifically killing a variety of infectious agents and normally by holes in of invaders cell membranes. Peptide-based can these species of antibiotic of the body intruding pathogens invading pathogens, Barron said mines.