The MSU scientists examined ob / ob mice and db / db mice.

The mice had leptin had double the number of B cells, a type of white blood cells in the bone marrow, antibodies infection by antibodies produced. Is significant.This is a completely new role for leptin, said Fraker. It appears that most obese people may be somewhat immunosuppressed. This result shows us that the body’s resistance to leptin plays a role in that too. To further study the leptin effects on the immune system are Fraker and her colleagues are planning a study of morbidly obese people who will be having gastric bypass surgery. While the result of the operation is very successful for most people, the mortality rate are 2 to 10 %, which is significant..

Other members of this research team are MSU scientists Louis King, research assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and Kate Claycombe, assistant professor of food science and human nutrition... He adding that ALK receptor and the protein which binds to them, the growth factor pleiotrophin , are both at other intractable cancers, receptor which and pancreatic cancer overexpressed. We have discovered that PTN powers metastatic of these tumors , suggesting to antibody treatment can also useful in these types of cancer, says Wellstein. – research Lombardi / Georgetown University Medical centers has which line of research Date the mid-1980s, and the institution holds a patent on the target the novel antibody – the region on the ALK receptor. Patent also comprises potential therapies. Ago Wellstein joined Lombardi in 1989, he worked on the National Cancer Institute with other investigators the hunt for growth factors exuded by cancer cells, and she eventually reported over PTN in 1992.

– great need for new treatment options for glioblastoma, and these insights have hope that a new approach be possible, says the study’s lead investigator, Anton Wellstein, Professor for Medical Oncology and pharmacology at Lombardi.. Report in the current issue of the periodical oncogenes, the researchers show as said antibodies on a receptor locks to rivets the outside of the with glioblastoma cells, preventing growth factor protein is from binding to it and activating growing pathways into the tumors.