The only acute treatment of stroke thrombolysis is currently unavailable.

The only acute treatment of stroke thrombolysis is currently unavailable. This uses drugs that dissolve the blood clot responsible for the stroke, but it reached only about 10 % of stroke patients in time permanent damage. Permanent damage. For other patients, there is no other effective medications that of brain function of brain function after a stroke.

This result of Swedish basic research, 15 years 15 years a clinical trial in a clinical trial in stroke patients by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. We are very pleased that our research on stroke here in Lund has made it all the way from our experiments in the laboratory to an international clinical trial, says Professor Wieloch. This is an excellent example of how basic research can be potentially a health facility and may lead to new and better treatments do also illustrates the fact that in medical research, it is a long way from experimental studies on the results. That the patient benefit, says Professor Wieloch.‘.. This information has out of courtesy of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation can the entire Kaiser Daily Globalhealth policy coverage looking for in archives and log in for email delivery at Globalhealth. ‘Notice time and our chances on the frame which the development should be around for another 50 years has right now, ‘Shah said. On Wednesday, next 12 to 18 months is a unique moment in time. I do not believe window will take much longer than that,’he added. According to CQ, ‘Shah placed a robust ‘ reform agenda ‘in his presentation, including the the formal establishment of this week new office which political, plan and Education up within the Agency to promote strategic thinking about assistance performance.

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and Rep. Gerald Connolly hosted discussing about the need a new external aid strategy and the vision on an international develop forum, by interaction on Wednesday, Congressional Quarterly reports show.