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The pharmaceutical industry, the magazine reports potassium iodide . expressed concern that may stricter long-term clinical trials to combat companies from investing in new diabetes drugs, . When you put on a greater emphasis to make pre-market launch, significantly increasing the cost of clinical trials, which can to lead to reconsider company plans to new drugs, Alan Goldhammer, deputy vice president of the pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America development.

Diabetes medicines in related news, FDA officials and outside medical experts on Tuesday to take part in a special two-day meeting, as in 2004, whether pharmaceutical companies should conduct studies to prove that diabetes medications to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and prolong their lives. Currently, pharmaceutical companies only studies to prove that ask diabetes medications to regulate blood sugar levels. ,, an away from current research benchmarks, called surrogate endpoints could change the entire framework of drug approval, because more stringent benchmarks long-term clinical trials. A intensifying focus on safety and a diminished tolerance for side effects of the FDA have dramatically reduced the chances that experimental medications will reach the market recent decrease in recent decrease in approvals of new treatments by drug companies, the Wall Street Journal reported. Last year, FDA approved 19 new drugs – the fewest in 24 years – and announced about 75 new or revised black box warnings, twice as many as in 2004, announced by a division of Sagient Research Systems. In addition, the number of approvable letters required to be submitted in most cases pharmaceutical companies additional clinical data before FDA decision on whether to approve experimental drugs make rose by 40 percent last year.

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