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The researchers emphasize, however, remains that cardiac arrest rare in lacrosse.A total of 23 lacrosse players in the United States have the sport trigger sudden death or cardiac arrest since 1980. Four survived the experience, the other died the 19th The likely cause in Boiardi case researchers say, was commotio cordis – a condition in which an influence of blunt force arrive within a specific range of 15 thousandths of a second in the heart of the beat cycle stop sends an electrical impulse to the heart.

Lacrosse Most Dangerous for Heart-Stopping ShotsWhile a slight majority of the deaths were set out in the study of the underlying heart disease, commotio cordis – which hit has has a lot of the attention attracted, because death is likely avoided in many cases.On GfK Market MeasuresGfK Market Measures for health treatment customers having its unique combination of customized and syndicated solutions for the entire marketing a continuum, including market assessment, make tracking, sales force effectiveness, health care load and launch support applications. GfK Market Measures is member of GfK U.S. Healthcare Companies, the largest supplier of custom health research service in the USA.