To explore the possible role of iron transport in the disease ed.

To explore the possible role of iron transport in the disease, as Xu The group focused on a protein TRPML1 ed . A mutation in the known known to cause produce TRPML1 ML4, so the protein seemed a logical starting point for the investigation of mechanisms responsible for the disease have been shown TRPML1 though never to be involved in iron transport. The only protein with that distinction was DMT1 which. Facilitates iron uptake in the intestine and in cells, the erythrocytes will be, but not in most other cell types ‘Essentially all cells, including nerve and muscle cells need iron,’Xu said. ‘We wondered what happens in those cells where DMT1 is not found, and we thought lysosome. Has an unidentified iron transporter protein, may be TRPML1. ‘.

Unfortunately TRPML1 not the easiest protein to study instead residing in the easily accessible outer cell membrane, where many other proteins nestle, it hides in a tiny, inner bag as lysosome. To the protein probe had Xu group, a technique such as the patch clamp known in which a micro – pipette and electrodes cell membrane, cell membrane, the activity of one or more proteins channels channels for charged particles record modify moving in and out of the cell with its amendment, the call was the lysosome patch clamp, Xu, the Group is able to receive TRPML1 activity in the tiny lysosome.

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