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‘Foreign-born study participants were at lower risk of major psychiatric disorders, even though they have experienced more stress due to low socioeconomic status or adapting to a new culture,’said Dr. ‘This is in line with the ‘healthy migrant ‘model that these foreign-born persons in good health are more likely to predict than in poor health, to go the United States. However, this hypothesis does not explain the study to state of psychiatric disorders,rug dependence and specific mood and anxiety disorders was among the foreign-born non-Hispanic whites and Mexican Americans born in U.S Also.

Population, so confusing immigration status and ethnicity. ‘The remarkable pattern seen in these results defies explanation based on current knowledge,’said George Kunos, Scientific Director, Division of Intramural Clinical and Biological Research, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , the NIH institute which the study is conducted ‘additional careful research is needed to understand the influences of individual and environmental factors in the causes of mental disorders..In 2007 Manalis and his pupils designed the first technique for measuring the mass of by lively individual living cells. Their device than suspending microchannel resonator which pump cells, liquid, by a micro – passage which runs through a tiny famous silicon cantilevers or diving -board structure. The cantilever vibrates in a vacuum, flows through the duct if one cell wherein said frequency the cantilever changes vibration. The cell floating mass of the change in frequency the change in frequency. Be difficult to the system to density of, the researchers needed which flow to any cell by the channel two times, each time measuring in another liquid. Of a cell buoyant mass depends upon their absolute mass and volume, by measuring two different masses of buoyancy a cell, its mass, volume and thickness can be calculated..

Other authors on the of paper have MIT scientists Monica Diez – Silva, Subra Suresh, former dean the MIT School of Engineering and John Higgins from Massachusetts General Hospital and of Harvard Medical School.