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Keissami said.. To treatment Maddie’s strep throat in time for her party, all the little girl needs is some medication and encouragement from her pharmacist in the kids’s book Maddie Appointments the Pharmacist. Writer Donna Keissami, PharmD, who earned her level from the University of Southern California, informed Pharmacy Times that it had been her life-long fantasy to write a children’s story. She was also motivated to create the whole story so that she could read it to her 2-year-old son, Dean. When she had difficulty finding a kids’s reserve involving pharmacists, she realized she could write her own—with a pharmacist as a leading character.A continuing group of inexact scientific reports and inaccurate mass media accounts about high fructose corn syrup and issues of health and nutrition also have increased consumer uncertainty. Yet, the facts straightforward are. For example, a December 2008 record in, the American Dietetic Association confirmed that high fructose corn syrup is usually ‘nutritionally equivalent to sucrose ‘ and that the sweeteners support the same amount of calories per gram.’ As Americans grapple with an ‘weight problems epidemic,’ well-renowned nutritionists query whether sweetener dilemma could lead consumers to make misinformed decisions about sugars in their diets. ‘The last thing we want is for Americans to think that avoiding high fructose corn syrup may be the reply,’ said Authorized Dietitian Carolyn O’Neil.’ ‘We wish that the FDA will act positively on our petition in the interest of consumer clearness,’ said Erickson..