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Under the motto ‘Raising awareness, improving treatment, Growing support ‘, IASP members and chapters give lectures, trainings and other events, health care providerscancer pain emphasize and promote: – Proper assessment and management of cancer pain by health professionals – Improved access to treatment for cancer patients – More research into the underlying biology of cancer pain – New therapies for cancer pain alleviate symptoms of prostate problems .

In related news, have 300 women in Nepal to advocate Rupandehi district to teach to teach reproductive health and STI prevention among the locals, the Post reports enrolled. Women teach locals about contraceptives and obtain support from local health workers and others in the health care. Due to the group, a large amount of people now know about the use of condoms, the Post reports. The campaign has an increase in HIV (back – tests for men from abroad whom whom hoping Anmol, Kathmandu Post, Contributing.

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Over the angiotensin Annual General Meeting – 18 The Annual Meeting & Clinical Congress Houston, on the May 13 to 17 is to George R. Brown Convention Center, Hyatt Regency Houston place. Meet the AACE Annual Meeting & Clinical Congress is structured so offering for relevant clinical information for the practicing endocrinologist. The programs will focus for More Information to achieve, endocrinologists, to the best solutions for that diagnose and treat endocrine disorders possible. Relevant scientific, clinical practice and patient management are be disseminated via general sessions , workshops, meet-the – professionals and satellite symposia.