USA Today Examines Future of HIV / AIDS efforts in Africa under Obama impotence and infertility.

USA Today Examines Future of HIV / AIDS efforts in Africa under Obama, USA Today examined on Monday the future of the efforts to combat HIV / AIDS and other issues in Africa under Obama to address government impotence and infertility click here . According to USA Today, could Obama’s commitment to fighting HIV / AIDS and addressing other problems caused by the global economic crisis and major U.S. Military engagement abroad hindered. ‘s According to Bloomberg, one of the Bush policy, which was cited to prevent STIs and HIV / AIDS prevention and condom education Gill Greer, Director General the International Planned Pregnancy Federation, said CDC has pulled some condom information from our site Greer Greer said. the U.S. To focus on certainly has in demonizing condoms rather than showing that it is part of prevention managed both unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, .

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