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The editorial concludes:’The current crisis is as good an opportunity to start addressing the structural problems as any president is likely to have before 2019 – when Medicare trust fund is projected to run dry if now now, ‘(Washington Post.

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Black leaders in Orlando, Florida, and throughout the nation try and help black men and women, ‘rethinking it it and movement ‘at to the try to tackle growing obesity in which black community, the the Orlando Sentinel tells. According to an 2004 survey with the the Health Ministers Council East Central Florida, 35.9 percent of blacks in Central Florida are obese, compared with 20.7 percent of whites and 20.2 percent of black. Ian Smith, a Grad Dartmouth Medical School and ex healthcare correspondents, during the past year launched the ’50 millionths Pound Challenge, ‘the blacks by weight of weight and related health issues supports.