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The older generation pill containing an estrogen and the progestin hormone levonorgestrel approximately doubles the risk compared with women not on a hormonal birth.

This is the first time, have that in humans shown that oncolytic viruses in the induction of anti-tumor immunity are used The GMCSF armed oncolytic adenoviruses can anti-tumor by recruiting through the recruitment of natural killer cells and by. Mediate Therefore, the of tumor-specific cytotoxic T – cells, says Research Professor Akseli Hemminki, the CSO and co-founder of Oncos.. The results show an anti – tumor immunity of oncolytic viruses, published for the first time in humans and show the high effectiveness of the next generation viruses against solid tumor cancers.The two main strengths of this study the unusually large study population and the consistency of the data collection.

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The authors speculation that smoking increase on risks asthma contributes to lower social classes but the differences in the living conditions and food habits may also be important.