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CNIO experts identify new strategy to combat cancer Researchers from the Spanish National Cancers Research Centre can see a new strategy to fight cancer, which is very not the same as those described to day. Their work shows for the very first time that telomeres – – the structures protecting the ends of the chromosomes – – may represent a highly effective anti-cancer focus on: by blocking the TRF1 gene, which is essential for the telomeres, they have shown dramatic improvements in mice with lung tumor intimacy quality . ‘Telomere uncapping is emerging as a potential system to develop fresh therapeutic targets for lung malignancy,’ point out the authors with equivalent contribution in EMBO Molecular Medicine; Maria Garcia-Beccaria, Paula Martinez and Marinela Mendez, from the CNIO Telomerase and Telomeres Group led by Maria Blasco, who is an author in this article also.


Commenting on the noticeable switch in the NLA, Dr. Peter Wrighton-Smith, CEO of Oxford Immunotec, stated, Our reconsideration request was produced on the basis that the T-Place.TB check has methodological distinctions to the other IGRA which merit additional reimbursement. I am pleased that CMS reconsidered the national limitation amount for 86481 and has known the essential methodological differences in our T-SPOT technology. .. CMS increases NLA for T-SPOT.TB test’s CPT code 86481 Oxford Immunotec, Inc.TB test. January 1 Effective, 2012 the new NLA for 86481 is $106.12, an increase of $18.90 over the previous reimbursement amount of $87.22.